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GamCare is the leading national provider of information, advice and support for anyone affected by gambling harms across England, Scotland and Wales. Our expert services are confidential and non-judgmental.

Press releases

GamCare Appoints New Chair of the Board of Trustees

GamCare has announced changes to its Board of Trustees, with Sir Ian Prosser to step down as Chair after six years' service. During this time, Sir... read more

04.06.2021 • By GamCare

Gambling Charity and Samaritans Launch Bespoke Suicide Awareness and...

National gambling support charity GamCare has worked with Samaritans, the leading suicide prevention charity, to develop a suite of training... read more

04.05.2021 • By GamCare

Funding Boost for Nationwide Programme on Gambling and the Criminal...

Gambling harms are currently under-recognised across the UK Criminal Justice System (CJS), and support for those affected has been... read more

01.04.2021 • By GamCare

Gambling Act Review: Two thirds of those harmed by gambling demand more...

Polling of those affected by gambling harms by leading gambling support service GamCare reveals two thirds (64%) of their audiences think there... read more

31.03.2021 • By GamCare

Hertfordshire Pilot on Gambling and Crime Releases Final Report and...

Gambling support charity GamCare is sharing learning and achievements from a two-year pilot project designed to explore and offer specialist... read more

08.03.2021 • By GamCare

New Code for Gambling Industry to Simplify Information about Safer...

GamCare launches new Industry Code for the Display of Safer Gambling Information, to make access to tools and support easier for online gambling... read more

05.03.2021 • By GamCare

Northern Ireland GPs to Receive Training to Spot Signs of Gambling Harm...

Leading gambling support charity can provide help to young people harmed by gambling across Northern Ireland for the first time GPs at... read more

25.02.2021 • By GamCare

Young People’s Gambling Harm Prevention Programme Heads to Virtual...

Visitors at Thursday’s Virtual Education Show will be able to connect with the team behind the UK’s Young People’s Gambling Harm Prevention... read more

23.02.2021 • By GamCare

Young People’s Gambling Harm Prevention Programme exceeds first-year...

Leading charities YGAM and GamCare have surpassed the first-year targets for their joint Young People’s Gambling Harm Prevention Programme,... read more

28.01.2021 • By GamCare

National Programme Focused on Women and Gambling Receives Funding Boost

National gambling support charity GamCare will receive a further two year’s funding for its dedicated Women’s Programme. The funding comes from a... read more

26.01.2021 • By GamCare

New Partnerships to Tackle Gambling Harm for Young People Across...

Leading UK gambling support charity can provide help to young people harmed by gambling across Northern Ireland for the first time Christmas... read more

21.12.2020 • By GamCare

Leading gambling addiction services unite to offer more help for those...

TalkBanStop campaign launches as a 12-month pilot to offer three free tools to help people stop gambling – support via GamCare’s National... read more

17.12.2020 • By GamCare

GamCare Lockdown Report Finds Fewer Gamblers Seeking Support – Charity...

National lockdown initially saw fewer calls to National Gambling Helpline as people faced privacy issues and other anxieties caused by COVID... read more

21.10.2020 • By GamCare

Perception of gambling as a ‘man’s problem’ leads to fewer women seeking...

GamCare’s Women’s Programme uncovers scale of female gambling losses and the negative impact of stigma faced by women. Gambling perceived... read more

15.10.2020 • By GamCare

Gambling Charity Delivers New Toolkit to Help Businesses Identify and...

Leading gambling support charity GamCare is launching a comprehensive toolkit for financial institutions, gambling businesses and debt advice... read more

29.09.2020 • By GamCare

Gambling Charity Offers Dedicated Chatroom Session for People in the...

National gambling support charity GamCare is offering a dedicated hour-long online chatroom session for those in contact with the Criminal Justice... read more

25.06.2020 • By GamCare

National Helplines Launch #ReadytoTalk Campaign as Lockdown Eases

A group of the UK’s leading helplines have today launched the #readytotalk campaign, encouraging people to seek support for problems that may... read more

11.06.2020 • By GamCare

New Digital Tool to Support Gamblers Experiencing Harm

Leading national gambling support charity GamCare has launched an online course for people concerned about their gambling behaviour. The new... read more

17.02.2020 • By GamCare

National Gambling Support Charity Launches New Relapse Prevention Groups

Leading national gambling support charity GamCare is launching new Relapse Prevention Support Groups to provide additional aftercare for those... read more

16.12.2019 • By GamCare

Gambling Support Charity Spearheads Collaboration Tackling Financial Harms

Media Information Immediate Release 30th October 2019 People who gamble too much can experience a range of financial impacts, including debt,... read more

30.10.2019 • By GamCare

National Gambling HelpLine to Operate 24 Hours a Day

The National Gambling HelpLine, operated by GamCare and funded by GambleAware, is extending its hours and will now operate 24-hours a day from the... read more

30.09.2019 • By GamCare

New integrated gambling support services launches in Leeds

A new, fully integrated support service for people with gambling problems is launching in Leeds. The Leeds Community Gambling Service is the... read more

18.09.2019 • By GamCare

Gambling Support Charity Expands National Youth Outreach Programme

Young people in [XXX region] will now receive targeted education to highlight the risks of gambling. GamCare - the leading charity providing... read more

16.07.2019 • By GamCare

Genting Casinos First to Achieve New Safer Gambling Standard

Genting Casinos are the first gambling company to achieve the Safer Gambling Standard , the social responsibility quality standard for the... read more

15.07.2019 • By GamCare

GamCare Receives over £1million in Tampon Tax Funding to Reach...

National problem gambling support charity, GamCare, has received £1,191,818 from the Tampon Tax Fund to enable the organisation to reach more... read more

28.03.2019 • By GamCare

Invitation to Tender – cCBT Software Tailored for People Affected by...

National problem gambling support charity GamCare, funded by GambleAware, has launched an Invitation to Tender (ITT) for companies to provide... read more

22.02.2019 • By GamCare

​GamCare to Launch Safer Gambling Standard at ICE London

GamCare, the leading provider of information, advice, and support for the prevention and treatment of problem gambling, will be using ICE London... read more

21.01.2019 • By GamCare

The Helplines Standard demonstrates that our organisation offers best in...

The National Gambling HelpLine, operated by national problem gambling support charity GamCare, has again been awarded the Helplines Standard after... read more

25.10.2018 • By GamCare

Young People’s Problem Gambling Outreach Programme Celebrates First Year...

National problem gambling support charity GamCare has published headline findings from the first-year evaluation of its Youth Outreach Programme,... read more

22.06.2018 • By GamCare

National Problem Gambling Support Charity Refreshes Logo

National support charity GamCare has updated their logo to coincide with the launch of their new three-year strategy and a refreshed focus for the... read more

11.05.2018 • By GamCare